Lord-Kolinsky Gel Oval 6



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LORD! Oh my…..this beautiful creation was brought into the range specifically for the ´Colour Gel Paint´ series. The softness of the natural kolinsky hair is ideal for full coverage or even nail art. However, it really is the perfect brush, so good that it can be confidently classed as a classic all rounder…suitable for 3D Gel, Jelly Hard Gel and even Acrylink.

It is not only magical to work with but also has the added advantage of being LUSH! It is solid, classy, sparkling and feels perfect in the hand…weighted perfectly, you really can feel the quality. It is possibly the most expensive brush any brand has launched! Or it would be if we were not INK! We deliver the highest quality always at very reasonable prices.

As always be careful to break the brush in prior to use in order to remove any dust from the production and please store brush down.


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