Nitriili Hanskat


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Premium quality ´Black Nitrile´ examination gloves that offer greater tensile strength and protection than both Latex and Vinyl. Nitrile examination gloves offer extra comfort and flexibility.

• Superior 5 mil thickness (average thickness of standard Nitrile gloves are around 3-4 mil)
• Provide extra comfort and flexibility
• Beaded cuff for ease of donning
• Micro-textured for improved grip
• Chemical resistant to EN374-2 and EN374-3
• Conform to EN1186 – approved for food contact
• PPE Cat. III
• EN 420, EN388 & EN374
• EN455 CE Class 1 medical grade
• 100% Latex and powder free
• AQL 1.5 medical grade
• Typical applications: automotive, care, tattoo, food handling, laboratory and hairdressing industries
• Single Use



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